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Remodeling Kitchen, Bath, Den, or making a Man Cave that your family and friends can enjoy. Remodeling, updating, and energy efficiency of home or building with windows, doors, and siding is a great way to add value.

Remodeling Bathroom consisted of removing old bath tub, plumbing, and small closet. Replaced bad sub flooring and reframed for new shower stall and area for stack washer & dryer. The area around shower was tiled to increase the look and durability.

Bath room remodeled continued with new plumbing, floor leveling compound, new vanity and plumbing fixtures and tile on walls.

Remodeling the kitchen and den required the removal of a wall that separated the two rooms and making into one large open room. Block walls were repair and prepared for stucco. Sub flooring and door way sealed up and made ready for new flooring and wall cover. New cabinets and tiled backsplash added along with new mini split system providing heating and cooling.

Remodeling consisted of removing single pane windows and doors, framing openings and covering with ZIP System wall sheathing, insulating with Owens Corning EcoTouch R-13, and install new double pane windows. Outside was trimmed out, painted and vertical solid soffit vinyl siding added over wall sheathing. Inside received new drywall, window trim, and paint.

Remodel added 21' to Man cave. Remodeling meant that family and friends could enjoy time together in this once tight space. Garage was cleaned out and wall separating the two areas was removed along with wall and ceiling covering to expose ceiling and floor joist. The area had to be sealed off to reduce dust in the home. Beam supporting second floor had to be re-supported by placing of LVL so to open up the new area so post could be removed. A large Closet was framed to add for additional storage, and wall added to conceal stairway and hidden refrigerator. The addition of wiring and support for 70" TV and components hookup was added to wall. A self leveling compound from SCHONOX was used to level the large garage floor. A 16' Garage door was removed and replace with double opening French doors with stationary door planes placed to each side of the French doors. All other doors were replaced to match new doors. Electrical, drywall, trim, paint and flooring completed this remodel.

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